The Hunted: Rough Draft

Chapter 2 Rough Draft #1

Levi took my hand and raised his eye brows, “Don’t tell me, two hundred and eight years old and you’re scared of flying.”

“I’m immortal, I have been shot, strangled, run over, torn apart, of course I’m bloody terrified of flying,” I muttered, sarcasm turning into a disgusting sting of vomit threatening to burst from between my lips. With great reluctance I swallowed and snatched Jesse’s water from his hands to cleanse my mouth.

“Sure you can have my water, help yourself. It’s not like it’s three quid a bottle of anything.”

“Jesse I am heiress to a fortune, I’d pay three thousand to get this vile taste from my mouth.”

“I told you to take the travel sickness pills…”

I swung my hand and hit him across the back of his head and as he cursed under his breath I snapped, “I don’t need medication.”

“Tell that to the paper bag,” he muttered, dodging my second swing.

A smile betrayed Levi and I caught the back of his head as he tried to hide it from me turning to look out of the tiny foggy window.

Flying was for birds, for bugs even, but certainly not for humans, especially not this one.

“Mint?” Brian asked, leaning over Jesse.

I took a small white mint from his tin and rolled it around my mouth savouring the taste. “Thanks Brian.”

“I used to hate flying too.”

“What changed?”

“I died.”


“Things don’t scare me like they used too.”

“I know what you mean, flying asides obviously.”

He laughed and closed his eyes, “You ever been to America Vic?”

“A couple of times, but it was a long time ago.”

My tone caught him off guard, and as he turned to look at me Levi stiffened next to me, remembering exactly what I was seeing before my very eyes.

            1872 America

            I pushed my hood from my face and stared through the small window. The couple, they were in their late sixties, just as we would have been. He held her hand in his lap and kissed her head softly, his wrinkled lips meeting her wrinkled cheek.

           My breath caught in my chest as a voice boomed from the driveway behind me. “What are you doing?”

            I took my hands from off of the window ledge and turned around to look up to Levi, moving away from the house.

            “I won’t ask again,” he warned, becoming impatient, raindrops staining his suit with their misery.

            “They took something of mine when I was human.”

            “So you’ve come to get it back?”

            I shook my head and pulled my hood back up over my sodden hair, “They don’t have it any more. It… broke, in transit.”

            His eyes betrayed a knowledge that was impossible for him to hold, but I ignored it, I was alone in my knowledge of before and that was how I planned for it to stay.

            “You’ve come to take me home?”

            He shook his head and smiled, only one side of his mouth lifting slightly creating a charming half-way-there kind of smile. “I was in the area and picked up your scent of eternal sorrow, I ponded what Gabriel would do and took it upon myself to make sure that you weren’t terrorising the locals, or yourself,” he added quietly.

            “I wasn’t going to do anything. I just wanted to… I just,” I sighed and shook my head, “I don’t know what I wanted to do. I just got on the ferry and, well I got carried away. Thought that I might be able to stop this,” I said taking his hand and holding it to my heart, “this pain that refuses to leave.”

            With rain droplets clinging onto his eyelashes, he took in a sharp breath as his warm fingers graced over my frozen chest. His eyes closed for a second before he stole his hand away and turned from me. “There is a ferry leaving for England in twenty minutes. Come with me now and I’ll help you.”

            “Help me how?”

            “To find this magic cure that you’re so desperately looking for.”

            I looked back to the house and closed my eyes. I had left Gabriel’s not knowing what I was going to do, until I bought the ticket to America, one way. I hadn’t planned on returning, but Levi’s offer to help me was the only thing that I had left, bar the clothes on my back.

            I took a step forward and took his hand in mine, “Do you promise?”

            “It’ll be the last thing I do.”