Before the age of thirteen I had only ever received three Valentine’s gifts. The first was from a boy who adored my best friend, only she wasn’t in on the fateful day, so to save wasting it he gave it to me. The second and the third were from the same boy, only both times he was forced into it by his mother.

Not the most popular of primary school lovers I found myself questioning Valentine’s day, and at the age of ten I was an extremely bitter young girl.

When I was thirteen, certain that I would be alone forever never having felt the soft delight of another’s loving kiss, I was readying myself to accept my miserable destiny of nothing but donuts and cats, until the day that Mr B asked me to be his girlfriend.

It was a Tuesday, the time was between three and four, and I remember that the weather was behaving itself. After crossing the road that would take us our separate ways to our homes, he stopped me and as my friends giggled and carried on down the road I stood opposite the boy who I had fallen in and out of love with in the past month. It was then, when he smiled, looking up at his strange and very uncool quiff, that I knew what my answer would be before he even had to ask. The question came, and out of my mouth popped the highest burst of teenage girl scream ever known to man, and then I ran away down the road to my friends, leaving him stood uncertain as to whether or not I had in fact agreed to his proposal.

This morning I was thinking about all of this. It is ridiculous that I felt the need not to be alone at the age of thirteen, but hey, that’s life in the twenty first century. Now, with one boyfriend on the tick list, one kiss, and one very fine engagement ring, I can say that the twenty first century can kiss my…

Valentine’s day may seem to some to be pointless and a corporate scam, and I have heard so many people say that they don’t need one day to show their partner how much they love them. But sometimes, when life happens, you forget the little things, and on days like today, when you’re brushing your teeth, or wrapping up a last minute gift, or polishing the glass shelves that you wished you never had because they get dusty far too quickly to even be possible, you remember the things that have kept you together, the memories that forged your relationship. Like the time Mr B said that we could walk to Rhyl, and several hours later, completely lost in the pitch black, the sea coming terrifyingly quickly towards us, Rhyl was no where in site… Asides from the fear of death, it is one of my most treasured memories.

I love Valentine’s day, because every year it reminds me why I love Mr B so much.

So, get off of your sour horses and feel the love.

Happy Valentine’s day!

All my love, B.

Me & Rob 062


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