Look at Me Now

Far too often I overlook


the day

the people around,

Of all the important things

I overlook change the most,

but time, sometimes

presents us with opportunities

to look

to live

to feel,

I am no longer the girl

the one you knew


I am me

someone older,

but new,

with eyes wide

heart open

and a mind so changed

with a desire to learn

to see more

learn more

feel more,

Look at me now

the woman of my own making

with a hand from those I love

the ones who are there




I will not overlook

today is my chance

to create a greater tomorrow

a bigger smile

a fuller heart,

just look at me now world

who would have thought this is where I would be?

Bed Sheet Terrors

It’s too hot under the covers
Just kick them to the side,
But without their protection
How will you survive?

The hands the claws the teeth,
Are waiting for your skin
One wrong move and you’ll be gone,
Crawling deep within.

Sweet dreams my darling angel,
Even if it is too hot
Keep covered up and cosy,
Or in its belly you will rot!

Love is Alive

Love is alive.

He breathes, she moves, they feel,

Love finds comfort in the warmth of caring arms,

Finds peace in quiet company,

Love is sentient,

Love has a purpose,

Love’s will to live is just as yours.


Love is dying.

He panics, she cries, they tremble,

Love finds terror in the heart of the slaughter house,

Finds misery and pain in cruel company,

Love is sentient,

Love has a purpose,

Love’s will to live is just as yours.


Love is alive.


What happens to Love is in our hands. 





It shouldn’t be here

But I’m lost

There’s a missing piece

Something foreign

It isn’t where it should be

But am I?

Determination falls flat

As time passes, laughing

Time doesn’t laugh, I do


This isn’t what it should be

This should be different, somehow

Changed, twisted, beyond this

I need more time

Time isn’t kind or giving

It doesn’t exist, how can it?

I have to make my own

I have to stop


It won’t sort itself out

Get up.


Singing Silence

Even when I am silent the world still sings,

Shouts, yells, cries, bawls,

Even when I am silent

When I try to find peace and reason,

Or when I sink into oblivion ,

Still it hums, buzzes, weeps

Never still, always moving,

Never still, always searching,

Searching for something to stop the moving

Just to hit pause,

If not for a second,

Perhaps for our lifetime


It breathes,


Even when I am silent the world still whispers

There are secrets to be told,

There is never enough time to listen,

Even when there is nothing to do

But to keep going, what else is there?

Questions and answers, and questions,

Even when there is nothing left

When the world has found its rest,

When you have long been dead,

Even when we are all silent


Still the world will sing