The Kitten Wheel


Don’t blink or you’ll miss

pink paws speeding by

purring when she pauses

melting hearts with her eyes

sweet little darling

running round and round

a blur of manic black and white

the kitten wheel is turning!


Daily Prompt from The Daily Post: Wheel

Our own crazy bundle of cuteness.



If souls take lovers, yours is mine.


One line poetry. Is that cheating? Well I think it’s beautiful. Can I say that about something I wrote? Meh, who cares. I’m a genius. Sometimes. 

Daily prompt from The Daily Post: Tender 

My Brother

My brother, how I love him

to the moon, and all the clichés

I wasn’t the best at sharing

but we played the greatest games,

witches and wizards, castles galore

the quests we set for each other

with mum as the ogre, unaware

tiny hands reached into the cupboards,

before tiptoeing back up the stairs

our chocolate box was full to the brim

never a day would go by without my best friend

the warrior, my brother, that’s him,

play fighting, quietly eating our prize

time did not stop for our kingdom our pride

the princess and her jester grew up

and the witch had to put her imagination aside,

and so the boy played on, for a while without her

then life tripped us up without warning

we grasped on for our minds through their pain

as our new lives arose, a new kingdom was dawning,

angry faces and crying eyes overcame

for the boy and the girl, there was no more playing

though they fought, valiant and brave

there was no doubt our minds were paying,

without my brother as my guide

I stumbled and lost my way for a while

through my shattered kingdom I fell

the strength of the girl we once knew was revived,

she picked me up and turned me around

the boy, my brother will always be my best friend

and although our games are now at rest

we talk and we laugh, our world has no end,

you pick me up with your words like magic

no matter where we are or what we do

how you know just what to say, it must be our hearts

and for that, my brother, I love you.


Daily prompt from The Daily Post: Buff 

So, you might be asking, what on earth has ‘buff’ got to do with this girl’s brother? Well… see for yourself.

The Hidden Ones

Behind smiles

a laugh

a quiet hello

they hide


Never too far

or too close

always there

they hide


Saying yes

standing strong

careful and calm

they hide


They never want to disappoint

saying yes, quietly smiling

but sometimes they need a hand to hold

to carry them from where they hide




Just a quick little mind splatter for you there, long time I know, but I’m back – sort of. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even took something from it. See you after the next one. 

Like Nothing Changed

We spoke of life,

I laughed with you,

You smiled up to me,

And like nothing changed, I left


We shared the hook,

Your chest rose and fell,

I smiled down to you,

And like nothing changed, I left


We held hands,

I heard you breathing,

You asked for him,

And like nothing changed, I left


I sat beside you,

I held it all in,

You couldn’t find comfort,

And like nothing changed, I left


They delivered the news,

I screamed for the first time,

You lay waiting for us,

And like nothing changed, I left


I held your hand,

You were sleeping,

You were only sleeping,

And like nothing changed, I left


I stood above you,

You were at peace,

I wouldn’t let you stop sleeping,

And like nothing changed, I left


She held my hand,

You took his as I spoke,

You were no longer sleeping,

And like nothing changed, I left